Episode 25 - Stoicism with guest Hunter Wood


Today’s podcast is a result of the debt of gratitude we owe to the Misfit Project Tribe. We are so incredibly proud of how you have taken our messages to heart, and more importantly, shown a willingness to share and have meaningful conversations about these incredibly powerful topics. You are the reason we are able to go as deep as we do in today’s podcast, and for that we are truly grateful. 

Personal responsibility, a willingness to dedicate energy toward only the things within our control, and the ability to free ones mind regardless of the situation are all cornerstones of a Stoic mindset. Far easier said than done, the realization that we as humans have complete control over our own actions and reactions to the barrage of stimuli we face on a daily basis can be incredibly intimidating. However, if we can learn to accept that so many things are out of our control and choose to only dedicate our finite energy toward those we can, we stand to gain a tremendous level of self realization and empowerment. If you’re a leader or someone who carries the responsibility for the well-being of others, your reactions to even the smallest things can have a tremendous impact on the emotions and effectiveness of your team, which can absolutely be the difference between success and failure. Be the calming force that others look to when the unexpected or uncontrollable happens. Be the friend or family member to accept personal responsibility for your actions and thoughts. Live in the gap between stimulus and response, and acknowledge that the only way things can affect you is if you allow them to. 

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Drew Crandall