Episode 24 - 4 Steps to Helping Someone Make a Change

To keep the belief alive that we can change the world, we need to consistently provide proof through advocacy. That proof hinges upon the skills we address in this podcast. Our ability to to facilitate change is much more important than our ability to consume and create media. 


At a simpler level, a lot of us are just trying to make changes within our own worlds, because so many of the people we love are sick and/or in pain. This empathy we feel is the fuel needed to tackle step number one, which is identifying our own motivation to help others. Once we’ve established a meaningful reason behind our desire to help, we need to make sure that we aren’t a walking contradiction to the advice we’re putting out there. Setting an example is an excellent way to combine steps two and three in this process. A lot of times “finding your in” can happen through the example you set. When you carry yourself in a manner that is appealing to others, you are often given the ability to hit the ground running when someone asks for your secrets. Last but not least is the topic of your persistence. I was a horrendous example of how not to handle this in my first few years devouring information on health and wellbeing. My M.O. was “Here’s the info, good luck”, and I still had the audacity to be frustrated about things not working. If someone genuinely needs your help, and you’ve made it this far in the process, you have to understand that it won’t be easy for either of you. Don’t quit on them. They need you.

Drew Crandall