Episode 23 - 6 Months with a Flip Phone


Throughout the entirety of the 2016 and 2017 I dealt with some alarming levels of anxiety related to the world of communication that lived in my pocket in the form of a smart phone. It would make sense for me to begin to distance myself from this world, but I didn’t. I had unknowingly concocted a dangerous combination of anxiety and addiction. Luckily for me and my personal relationships, this podcast forces me to evaluate my life with a level of consistency that I’ve never strived for. Knowing that I spend a large part of my days researching and teaching about The Misfit Project, I have a level of built in accountability that holds me to a higher standard that I was able to hold myself to before. This is where the flip phone comes in. My stab at quitting the smart phone cold turkey for a while. 

In the podcast we jump right into how I did it, how it went, and what it means for me moving forward. I really hope my experiment can give some insight into the conversation about using technology to our advantage without letting it run our lives. As always I would love to hear from everyone on what they think about the episode and the topic.

Drew Crandall