Episode 22 - Personal Growth


This week on The Misfit Project Podcast we take our first dive into the world of personal growth. It probably goes without saying that each and every topic we delve into has ramifications to our growth, but this generic topic name has a very deep meaning. This first attempt to crack into the world of our own personal psychology has a very serious pre-requisite to it that you’re all very familiar with: our personal health. Episodes two through seven of this podcast outlined exactly how we define our health, and what we can do to take it back.

With that first step in mind, we take on the topic of understanding ourselves on a deeper level. What have we been through in our lives that has a way of painting our thoughts, actions, and emotions? Each step we take down this path gives us an opportunity to grow, because we become aware of opposing forces at play. With all of this in mind we can take on re-writing our stories with an entirely new set of information. We hope you enjoy this side road we are taking, and as always please let us know what you think on social media!

Drew Crandall