Episode 21 - 5 Ways to Use Summer to Improve Your Health


After a month-long travel hiatus, we are back! Thank you for your patience, and do not fear, the Misfit Project podcast is alive and well.

Today’s episode is very much about getting back to basics and using this great weather to entice some extremely healthy situations. Summer gives us an opportunity to clear out the distractions and spend some meaningful time outside with the people we enjoy. It can be a real battle to avoid the technology that pulls us away from each other in the colder months, but there’s nothing better than taking your meals out to a deck or picnic table to remember why we chose to surround ourselves with these people in the first place. Not to mention how much easier it is to make some great tasting AND nutrient dense food with the grill being back in play for most of us. With our relationships easily improved by such a simple concept, we can move on to bolster our ability to use the sun to set our body clocks. Building on morning sunshine with outdoor activity to help tire us out and then spending that time outside in the evening is a recipe for a lovely exhaustion and melatonin cocktail.

The great outdoors, or whatever your comfort zone allows, is a great place to learn how to meditate for a bunch of reasons mentioned in the podcast. We can also take a new approach to mindfulness for the type A personality just by getting out there for a nice long walk. A staggering amount of the great thinkers of our time built their robust mental reserves through a lot of walking. Last but certainly not least is the significantly improved ability to take our movement practice outside. Think of how many of the previous “boxes” mentioned check themselves off when we take our fitness into the sunshine.

We hope you enjoy this back to basics check-in on the fundamentals of the Misfit Project.


And as always: Don’t talk about it. Be about it.

Drew Crandall