Episode 19 - NOT A DRONE.


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Creating measurable change in society is one hell of a task, but if no one tries, no one will. We are here to do just that, and we really need your help. We need your help identifying the problems, and we need your help with the solutions. This weeks podcast presents us with a unique problem in that the outputs are potentially immeasurable. The inputs are all of the trappings of modern society and how we learn to use them in balance in hopes to advance our capabilities without sacrificing our souls. 

To be a drone is totally immerse yourself in technology, the rat race, and a need for the latest a greatest objects. To be a drone is to rush out of bed after a crappy nights sleep, run out the door with a stimulant in hand, sit still in front of a screen underneath fluorescent lighting, drive home, television, and into bed all while in arms reach of mobile technology. To be a drone is to rinse and repeat these steps, day after day after day after day. To be a drone is to surrender absolutely to auto-pilot.

In this episode we aim to identify our enemy, hash out it’s effects, and offer solid steps to usher us towards balance. This is the very beginning of this movement, and we hope you will help us stick to our words and spread the concepts far and wide.

As always, and potentially more importantly than ever: Don’t talk about it. Be about it.

Drew Crandall