Episode 14 - Hot and Cold Part 1 - The HOT Episode


This week on the Misfit Project we take a deep dive into the world of heat acclimation via sauna. The original concept for the episode was the cover the science and how to of hot AND cold exposure, but the notes on heat grew and grew to the point where you now see a 'Part 1' attached to the title. 

The research on sauna use is very promising which helps us provide a link between something we know feels beneficial from an intuitive standpoint with a strong scientific backing. As you’ll hear in our list of statistics, there are some very eye-opening numbers presented which in full disclosure are there to pique your interest enough to join us on the deeper dive into what is really going on and how it could affect your personal goals or overall health

If we split the benefits up into the two apparent categories of body and mind, it becomes a little easier to grasp the breadth of what takes place during heat acclimation. In simple terms, the body acclimates to the heat and provides a new and improved cooling system during exercise which allows for lower strain via core temperature control, and lowered heart rate due to enhanced blood flow. On the side of muscle building we need to be cognizant of the things that help us build up the protein structures in relation to what breaks them down, and lucky for us there are some significant benefits on the building side with heat acclimation. Last but certainly not least is the massive effect sauna has on our insulin sensitivity and in turn, our blood sugar levels. With the diabetes epidemic in our country, we need to be vigilant with the outreach on simple activities that can have significant effects on our peers.

As we shift over to the mind, it’s important to take stock in how often we’re trying to optimize our bodies in relation to the brain. We must get over the fact that the results aren’t as easy to measure and take into consideration a healthy mind isn’t just sharp and powerful but also emotionally strong. That’s where the stars of the show come in: neropinephrine, prolactin, and BDNF. We’re talking massive increases here on our friends that help with mood, memory, rebuilding brain cells, vigilance, brain function, and on the list goes.

It wouldn’t be an episode of the Misfit Project if there weren’t a built-in message here. When we read between the lines, we can see that this is another form of resilience we can add to our list of preparation for anything. When we learn to withstand giving in to these controlled stressors, we understand how capable we truly are of taking on anything. 

We really hope you guys enjoyed the first part of the hot and cold series. The real question for all of us now is just how and where we’re going to get into these saunas. Otherwise, we would just be talking, and you know how we feel about that...

Drew Crandall