Episode 12 - 4 Tips to Help You Survive Travel


On this episode of the Misfit Project, we dig into the topic of travel. We’re hesitant to call ourselves experts in any category, but if we are experts anywhere, it might be on this issue. Ted and I have traveled the world, often together, extensively over the course of the last six years. Our experiences coupled with the science on where a lot of it comes from was the inspiration for this episode.

The topic of hydration during travel may seem like a simple place to start, but as we’ve learned over the course the last few months of podcasts, simplicity and efficacy are not mutually exclusive. The regulation of our body's ability to use water and electrolytes connects directly to our adrenal glands, which are a big part of stress regulation. The concepts that we present infer that stress both causes dehydration and can be caused by dehydration in reverse. 

Our second tip comes from the concept that we need an immune system boost or overhaul BEFORE we leave and not starting during the travel. We see a lot of people at the Hudson News counter in the airport stocking up on Emer-gen-C which leads me to believe this is a last-ditch effort. Knowing that our stress is already elevated and what that does to our immune system, we need to be mindful of that style of supplementing as being too late. 

One of the most significant changes our travel tribe has made is making sure that we both find time to exercise in the morning and encourage our counterparts to do so as well. There’s something so incredibly relieving about the feeling you get after coming down from a morning travel workout. It’s as if you went in one side feeling like you were going to have a rough day and come out the other side ready for anything.

Lastly, we tackle the immensely important concept of reverse engineering both your home and travel experiences. If you love the comforts of home and stress out about travel, how can you improve that? And conversely, if you’re always waiting to go on vacation to be happy, what is happening on vacation that be brought back home? If you think about it, you’ll realize the power of your perception.

We hope all of our fellow road warriors out there find something new on this episode, and as always: Don’t talk about it, Be about it.

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Drew Crandall