Episode 9 - Momentum


As we get started on another new year, it’s always a big time of reflection. From the lens of The Misfit Project that observation is based on both mental and physical health. With some new goals in mind, it’s time to head to the drawing board to figure out the best plan of attack for achieving them. We believe that creating momentum in a chosen category (or two) via developing some new habits is the best way to get started. Much of the current landscape is asking us to make very drastic changes in our lives for a few weeks, which often yields phenomenal results. The drawback is the long-term benefits seem to rely much more on your previous health status than your improved situation. The fourteen day challenges outlined in this podcast are geared towards a mix of both concepts. Committing to something that could make a real change, but in what we consider a very doable manner, in hopes that you feel the momentum towards the end and it spills over into the intimately relatable categories.

These challenges are one of our first opportunities to come together as a community and keep in touch with the ways we use and share this information. We can’t wait to head to social media to see how everyone does.

And as always: Don’t talk about it. Be about.

As an added bonus, here is a PDF summarizing the 5 14 Day challenges outlined in this episode!


Drew Crandall