Episode 10 - Intermittent Fasting

This week on The Misfit Project we break down the science, benefits, and how-to of intermittent fasting. Digging through the research was a very eye-opening experience in regards to consistency of results. The scientific method is all about reproducing results to ensure your study wasn’t an anomaly. Study after study cited weight loss, decreased blood glucose, stress reduction, improved gut health, lowered blood pressure, decreased heart disease risk, and the list goes on.



The benefits are undoubtedly there, and we explain the science behind them in the podcast in a style that we hope gets the point across without putting you to sleep. That being said there’s also the intuitive piece of understanding how it specifically works for you and that concept is all about giving your body a break. When you fast, you’re allowing your body to fully digest, to clean out old junky cells, and to starve off the gut bugs that try to tell you sugar is your only path to happiness. We evolved in true periods of feast and famine, and that style of eating is our link to hacking the system and using those periods of famine to our advantage.


The goal of stating the benefits and concepts behind this is pure motivation. We hope that it’s enough to nudge you into finding a fasting schedule that can work for you and your goals. As always try to stack the deck in your favor when you begin. Start somewhere that makes sense for YOU, instead of diving in blindly and falling off the wagon when your willpower runs out.


We wish you all of the luck in the world as you attempt to make this part of your routine. And as always: Don’t talk about it. Be about it.


Drew Crandall