Episode 6 - Move


With all of our work priming our minds and bodies it is inspiring to begin the conversation about movement. That said, most people will be surprised with the direction of this podcast. So much of the depression, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes epidemic is related to the amount of time we spend as a society sitting or sedentary. With all of the new information related to the effects of a lack of focus in this area, we make it our primary target long before we discuss exercise strategies.

Once we tackle the task of reducing our hours of sitting or minimal movement, we can dive into parts two through four of the Misfit Project Hierarchy of Movement:

Resistance Training

All exercise based movement should come after a consistency of movement practice (as mentioned above), but as we pass that hurdle, we believe that any form of resistance training is the next step. Anything from squatting to a box with our bodyweight to a 500lbs back squat is considered resistance training and the enemy we are confronting is bone density and musculoskeletal health. A base of healthy bones and muscles can be a massive life-extending benefit.


Addressing our ability to maintain or restore the sliding surfaces of our muscles is a hugely important aspect of even having the ability to exercise without injury. We are huge fans of the Yoga community and their efforts to combine a healthy body with a healthy mind. Those of us that are more self-starters can find vast amounts of information on this topic for free on the internet. Every single person on earth can see a path to a healthy pain-free life if they look hard enough or enlist a qualified practitioner.


We are built to take off on a long run without any warning, and the buck stops with us as individuals on why this could seem like a lofty pursuit. Years of lack of sleep, technology-driven activities, crappy food, and sitting have sapped us of our natural ability to clear waste from our lymphatic system at an efficient rate. Luckily for us, the answer is as simple as it gets. Move. Then move a little faster, then a little bit longer. Your dedication will clear up these issues, every time.

Don’t Talk About it. Be About it.

Our first enemy is complacency. From there a steady diet of resistance, maintenance, and focused movement will unequivocally extend our lives. Be the example you wish you had. Change yourself and the world in the process.

Drew Crandall