Episode 7 - Personalization


The last five weeks of the podcast have been geared towards the masses. What can we all do to make positive changes in our lives? With all of that information in mind it’s imperative that we find ways to personalize these concepts to make sure they fit our lifestyle and goals for the long term. We’ve all done the thirty day challenges or adopted a new drastic change only to end back up where we started. The goal of The Misfit Project is to improve quality of life and longevity.


Once these concepts start to fit into our lives we can create a little space for the burning questions that I am asked most often. What supplements should I take? What sleep app is the best for tracking? How do I add muscle? And the list goes on.

At the end of the day the take home from this episode should be that we have a lot of work to do before we try to ask the complicated questions, because the simple questions are complicated enough to get started on. Always remember that a community based approach is always the easiest way to ensure your success and the success of others.


Drew Crandall