Episode 4 - Peace of Mind

With our strategies in place for tribes and rest it’s time to investigate the prolific rise of stress and it’s effects on our health. For centuries our biology reacted to life threatening stressors with incredible mobilization of almost all processes our body performs. When you’re running from a bear, you’re not too worried about digestion, muscle recovery, fat burning, hormone production, etc. When you’re reacting to a modern stressor like traffic that is triggering this same robust response, you need to understand that you’re trading your ability to do all of the things we just listed for a few moments of complaining. The body's reaction no longer matches the gravity of the situation, and it’s imperative we understand that.

The Three Check-In System

Our solution to working with our biological stress responses is maintaining peace of mind throughout the day with something we’ve coined the three check-in system. In essence we are ensuring we start the day off in a way that allows us to use our decision making skills as often as possible rather than going on auto pilot and letting our primitive brain take over. From there check-in number two is a way to re-group when you’re out “in it”. To finish our day we are going to build on our evening routine we started after the #TMPrest podcast. By beginning and ending our day on positive notes we are increasing the chances that we can continue to make progress each day.


Each week we are adding small pieces to our routine and lifestyle in hopes that everything starts to blend together. Once these habits take hold the power of momentum starts to take over and each new piece is easier to incorporate than the last. 

Drew Crandall