At The Misfit Project, our number one goal is the creation of a community of like minded individuals interested in the overall health and wellbeing of themselves and each other. Too often we see Men and Women desperate to improve their lifestyles, and those of others, only to be mocked and shamed until the battle of sticking up for their changes becomes even harder than the changes themselves. Through both social media based interactions and in person connections we aim to create the kind of community that supports anyone and everyone in the pursuit of improving any part of their life. Being able to consistently look to your left and right for support in your journey can be the tipping point to an entire new level of wellbeing. By prioritizing community and positivity over a specific set of rules, it is our goal to create a hub for unbiased information that helps people.



The concept of creating a modern tribal lifestyle is the glue that holds each and every step of the Misfit Project system together. The positive hormonal changes that result in positive personal relationships and finding your connection with the outdoors is remarkable. As you dig further into our suggestions you will see that the majority of them have an incredibly low barrier to entry, making them very accessible to everyone. The main reasoning behind that concept is to allow you and your tribe to be able to choose to make changes, rather than wondering how you could ever pull them off. For years people have intuitively felt the benefits of surrounding themselves with people they enjoy, helping others, and escaping from our urban lifestyles back to a more primitive setting. Now that we have the science to back these claims up it becomes much easier to convince and be convinced to put a real effort into finding your tribe and making your way to some fresh air and sunlight.



With the concept of a like minded community surrounding us, we believe that the foundation of creating the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves is a commitment to great sleep. The greater understanding you have of what occurs during each peaceful sleep cycle you experience, the greater understanding you will have for why it is so imperative to start each day following quality rest. The analogy of comparing your health to a building insinuates that you wouldn’t be able to stand without the structure in place and that the foundation must come first. Different facets of the building blocks placed upon the foundation will have greater effects for each person, but the order in which the are placed is the same for all. It all starts with sleep.



The journey is now two monumental steps in the right direction. With the goals of finding your community and addressing sleep we now have the support system and hormone optimization we need to tackle the big bad monster that is stress. Stress comes in many forms and it truly depends on the individual when diagnosing the forms that we acknowledge, and the forms that seem invisible. It’s imperative that an overall understanding of how stress works in the body is achieved before a plan is put in place. If your intentional inputs into your stress equation are all forms of stress as well, the body can become overwhelmed regardless of your intentions. The main goal of stress management at The Misfit Project is to continually yield a lower result in the stress equation. Simply put the stress equation is ‘Acknowledged stress - Personalized Strategic Inputs = Stress Level’. We feel that stacking stress management on top of great sleep as the final step of the foundation is the makings of the version of yourself that you know lives in you somewhere.



The concept of our foundation of good sleep and stress management that has been built while surrounded with support is all about setting ourselves up to succeed in anything we try to stack on it. The first pillar we place on top of this foundation is the fuel we choose to put into our body. With three massive steps towards optimizing our hormone production we are beginning to set the stage for changes that can last longer than a week, month, year, etc. As we search for the solutions that will eventually create what works for us for a lifetime, our bodies and minds have been primed to be more receptive to these changes. In our search for what truly works for us individually the first step is always paying attention to the quality of anything we are purposely ingesting. That step alone can pay huge dividends in our health. As the bigger picture starts to take shape the concept of setting yourself up to succeed grows exponentially. The combination of support, recovery, mindfulness, and an assortment of the nutrients your body begs for, you will be able to begin making the right choices easier and on your own.



With our minds and bodies primed and properly fueled it’s time develop a movement practice. The basis for this is largely based on consistency and diversity of movement. Our first goal is to reduce long bouts sedentary behavior as much as possible. With a solid base of low intensity movement throughout the day we then take our pursuits to diversify our movement as much as possible.



A concerted effort to incorporate community, fresh air, rest, peace of mind, nutrient density, and movement into your life will move mountains for just about anyone. With that being said it’s always important to audit our habits from time to time and find ways to make sure they truly fit for the long haul. Just as we all share so many traits from our evolutionary biology, we are also rather unique in many ways and have to be diligent about adjusting protocols to fit ourselves specifically.